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    Water-reducing and waterproofing concrete Admixture in Bangladesh

    The major function of Best Con – WL is water reducing and concrete waterproofing admixture in Bangladesh is to fill up the capillaries in concrete through which water can pass easily. Moreover, it blocks the passage of water by reducing porosity. Especially, The best waterproofing admixture in Bangladesh is Best Con Waterproofing Admixture.


    • Liquid
    • Low dosage required
    • Water-reducing
    • Work ability
    • Pump ability
    • Reduces segregation
    • Improved surface finish
    • Improved compressive strengths
    • Waterproofing admixture – Resistance to water penetration
    • Increased durability.



    Admixture waterproofing offers many more benefits than ordinary coating and membranes. For example, integral waterproofing does not scratch or damage during backfill, and does not delaminate or decompose. If large cracks are arising, that can be easily repaired from within the admixture waterproofing compound.

    Since it provides complete, long lasting protection especially in high corrosive environments and high efficiency projects where there is no chance of failure. It is extremely useful for dark works – such as deep foundations and bored tunnels where it is not accessible outside the structure. And for complex designs where membrane sheeting or coating is not possible. Also for drinking water tanks and pipes, where it is vital to keep the water quality just right.

    Considering all these advantages, Admixture waterproofing is surprisingly affordable. The Admixture waterproofing system saves so much time and money that it is the most economical option for everyone.



    Best Con -WL is used in all types of concrete and mortar that is used concrete waterproofing admixture in Bangladesh in all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction. Also, it can be used with plastering concrete mortar, sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in exposed superstructures.



    For a 50kg bag of cementitious material, 200g Best Con -WL  is recommended. Besides, Best Con – WL should be determined with trial mixes. Higher dosages may be required when certain combinations of materials and conditions are present or water reduction in excess of 15% is required. Because of variations in concrete materials, job site conditions, and/or applications, dosages outside of the recommended range may be required.

    To produce waterproof concrete followings to be remember:

    • Make sure water cement ratio is in the range of 0.40 to 0.60.
    • Keep water content as below as possible.
    • Place concrete as early as possible and make sure it’s compacted.

    Over dose effects:

    • Increase in air entrainment.
    • Loss of workability.
    • Increase plastic shrinkage.
    • Extension can be occurred in initial and final setting.
    • Bleeding or segregation can be occurred.



    Best Con – WL is a ready-to-use liquid which is poured into the concrete together with the mixing water. Generally, Best Con – WL  added to the damp concrete after 50 to 70% of the mixing water has been added. The addition of concrete waterproofing admixture in Bangladesh to dry aggregate or cement is not recommended.



    ASTM C494: Type A



    Dark Brown Liquid



    Best Con – WL  is available in 5kg, 10kg, 20kg & 250kg drums or bulk.



    More Information Section about Waterproofing Concrete Admixture in Bangladesh:


    How Admixture Waterproof Concrete

    Concrete is a porous material that is disposed to cracking. For this reason, almost all commercial, residential and industrial concrete projects specify some type of waterproofing method. Normally, a spray-applied coating or a self-adhesive or torch applied sheet membrane is used to keep moisture out.
    However, a growing number of projects are using integral concrete waterproofing admixture. Which plug natural pores and capillaries from the intimate of the concrete and make the concrete itself impermeable to moisture. Some forms of waterproofing compound will self-heal even small cracks.

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