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Super Strength – PC- 100

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    Super Strength PC-100

    Super Strength PC-100 is a polycarboxylic ether based, high range water reducing new second generation super plasticizer concrete admixture developed for ready-mix concrete and precast industry that needs high early and final strengths and durability.


    High Range Water Reducing/New Generation Superplasticizing concrete Admixture based on PCE


    Super Strength PC-100 offers the following benefits:

    • Improves concrete’s early and final compressive and flexural strengths.
    • Improves concrete’s mechanical properties.
    • Resistance to aggressive chemicals, shrinkage, and creeping.
    • Enables the production of low water/cement ratio, low segregation and leaching risk Rheoplastic concrete.
    • Enables production of high early strength concrete even in low temperatures.
    • Minimizes stripping time.
    • Improves wear resistance of concrete by reducing segregation and bleeding.
    • Reduces application periods of resin based pavement systems on new concrete with its low water/cement ratio
    • High early strength and bleeding reduction properties. Super Strength PC-100.
    • Increases Freezing-Thawing resistance of concrete. Super Plasticizer Admixture Super Strength PC-100.
    • Reduces curing time and curing temperature in the production of precast elements.
    • Can be used with all cement types. Shows less sensitivity to material differentiation.
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    • In the production of self-consolidating and self-compacting concrete.
    • In the production of Rheodynamic concrete that can easily set to densely reinforced concrete elements.
    • In the production of 18-24 hours and 28 days high strength concrete.
    • In the production of precast and prefabricated concrete.
    • In the production of ready-mix concrete.


    The normally recommended dosage rate of Super Strength PC-100 is approximately:

    By Weight – 250g to 750g per 50 kg of cement (binder). The dosage rates given above are for typical usages, they are not meant as absolute limits, as other dosages may be utilized in special cases according to specific job conditions. If required consult Best Con Technical Services Department for advice. Trial mixes should be carried out to ensure optimum dosage and effect. Where the concrete is to be machine finished by utilizing power float or power troweling methods, we recommend that you contact with Best Con Technical Services Department for dosage rate guidance.


    Super Strength PC-100 is a ready-to-use admixture to be added to the concrete mix as a separate component. Optimal mixing water reduction is obtained if Super Strength PC-100 is dispensed into the concrete mix right after the addition of the first 50 – 70% of the mixing water, i.e. when all the solids are wetted out. Avoid adding the admixture to the dry aggregates.


    ASTM C494 Type All


    Liquid Brown


    Super Strength PC-100 is available in 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 50 kg & 250kg drums or bulk.

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