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3mm Bituminous Membrane

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    Best Con bituminous membrane 3mm

    Best Con bituminous membrane 3mm is a long operational lifetime, reliability and convenience of installation — that’s the ideal waterproofing. Any defect, especially when it comes to foundations, will certainly lead to destruction of the entire system and huge financial losses to the customer. Application of Best Con bituminous membrane 3mm self-adhesive materials make possible to install reliable waterproofing where the standard torch-on application is forbidden, and high flexibility and elasticity allow the materials to be used on surfaces of any complexity and in limited space.
    Best Con bituminous membrane 3mm Self-adhesive waterproofing is a type of materials, that combines all the advantages of torch-on applied materials and non-torch-on installation, which helps to avoid issues associated with the use of flame.


    Self adhesive fiber reinforced polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane


    • Excellent resistance to positive water & vapor pressure
    • High workforce productivity few installation steps
    • Easier to install an ideal vapor barrier
    • Vapor permeability Sd=1000
    • Mechanically stable – withstand
    • the weight of the person


    • Waterproofing of underground (below-grade) parts of premises and engineering structures.
    • Indoor waterproofing of premises and building.
    • Waterproofing of restrained spaces, where regular technology cannot be applied (bathroom floor). Parquetry and floor system can be used.
    • As an underlay on leaning roofs and as a vapor barrier on the ridged steel sheets and formed concrete slabs.
    • Corrosion protection of steel pipes and junctions.


    3mm/role without overlapping.


    • Best Con bituminous membrane 3mm Standard Color is Dark Grey/Black


    • 3 Milimeter Thick
    • 1 Meter Wide


    • Best Con bituminous membrane 1.5mm is available in 1×15 meter per role.



    1 2 3 4 5 6
    1. Clean and treat the surface with bitumen primer.
    2. Fit and straighten the membrane to the area of application.
    3. Re-roll the membrane to the center, pre-cut the protective film.
    4. Remove the protective film and smooth the membrane.
    5. Longitudinal overlaps – 80-100 mm. End overlaps – 150 mm. Overlaps to be glued with bitumen mastic of 1 mm thickness.
    6. On a vertical surface the material to be placed on a height, sufficient according to the thickness of the floor and decoration.

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