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Complex – S29

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    Complex – S29


    Construction Chemical Tiles Adhesive is High Performance tile fixing adhesive for external flooring, internal wall / flooring and tile on tile applications.

    Product Compositions:

    Tile adhesive plus is a ready mixed polymer modified cement based powder which is multi-purpose tile adhesive. It provides outstanding bonding of tiles with cementitious surfaces like plaster, concrete etc. Tile Adhesive Plus is not shrinking, self curing and has brilliant binder properties.


    Usability : Ready to use option – only water to be added
    Bonding : Better Bond than conventional cement based mortar
    Cohesiveness : Non Sagging
    Strength : Good Mechanical Strength
    Shrinkage : Non Shrinking
    Curing : Self Curing
    Water Proofing : Provides Partial impermeablity of water into concrete

    Usage Area

    For fixing all types of tiles such as external flooring, internal flooring/walls, tile on tile and swimming pool tiling applications.


    The Surface to be tiled should be clean and sound. Old surfaces must be free from any kind of laitance, grease, oils, wax, polish etc.. Pour one 20 kg bag in approx. 6.5 ltr of clean water (recommended proportion approx. 3:1 of tile adhesive : water).
    At Site, addition of water should be adjusted to attain desired consistency. Do not put water into the powder. Mix with a slow speed drill (50-100 rpm) or with a trowel untill a lump free homogeneious paste is obtained. Always mix the required quantity, which can be consumed within specified pot life maintaining the aforementioned mixing proportion.
    Spread the mixed adhesive to a thickness of approx. 3-6mm and combwitha nothed trowel. Apply the adhesive paste which can be tiled within 25-30 minutes. intermittently touch the adhesive paste on substrate by finger. If the adhesive sticks to fingers then continue tiling and if not, scrap off the mix and apply new coat before further tiling. Start Placing Tiles on surface to be tiled.
    Tap the tiles properly to ensure complete coverage of the backside of tiles and to eliminatethe possibilty of any air voids. Keep joints between two tiles using spacers that are available with tile tile adhesive plus bag.
    Allow tiling to set for 24 hours prior to filing joints. Use mechanical clamps for holding the heavy stones in position on vertical surface. Before applying tiles on tiles make sure that the original tiling surface has been scraped off to provide a sufficient mechanical key for bonding.

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