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Best Con Mould Release Agent

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    Best Con Mould Release Agent

    Economical, general purpose formwork
    and mould release agent
    To assist a positive form release and a smooth defect-free
    finish, suitable for steel, wood or paper forms.
    *Low cost and economical
    *Non staining
    *Minimises form stripping time
    *Maximises life of form work
    Best Con Mould Release Agent is a specifically formulated
    blend based on a light, clear hydrocarbon carrier.
    Best Con Mould Release Agent reacts with the free Time in
    the concrete to produced a soap-like film. The film allows
    trapped air or free water to escape during vibration to
    minimise surface voids.
    Colour: Pale yellow (liquid)
    Specification Gravity at 20•C: 0.9
    Best Con Mould Release Agent is supplied ready for use.
    Application by a sprayer is recommended, although brush,
    roller or swab may also be used
    Best Con Mould Release Agent should be applied to forms
    prior to each use It can be applied up to a maximum of 2
    days prior to pouring Depending on the environment
    conditions the drying time is typically 2 – 4 hours.
    Best Con Mould Release Agent can be cleaned using
    diesel or other hydrocarbon solvent.

    Form Release Agent 20 Itr: FD777002-20L
    Form Release Agent 200 Itr: FD777002-200L
    Form Release Agent 1000 itr (MTO*): FD777002-1000L
    “Made to Order: Min order qty: 1
    Lead time: 14 – 21 days


    Non-porous form surfaces          30 – 35 m² / litre
    Semi-porous form surfaces        25 – 30 m² / litre
    Porous form surfaces                  12 – 25 m² / litre

    Coverage rate is dependent on the porosity of the form being
    used. The coverage rate and the form release properres will be
    reduced if the formwork is a an old/worm nature.
    Protect from frost or prolonged exposure to elevated


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